Web Design from Plymouth

Love Design is a creative startup specialising in web design & visibility throughout Devon and Cornwall. We continue to develop and craft innovative designs for our clients and our portfolio speaks for itself.

Communication with our clients is extremely important; they can always be assured of a personal service from us. As a result, our clients are involved at every step of the development process and are more than welcome to add their own creative input however they often rely on our own artistic integrity - something that we have spent a great deal of time honing.

Our current portfolio contains celebrities of sport, musicians and charities globally, however our client rosta does not stop there. We are able to provide a wide arena of professional design and online services.

How Do We Do It?

We are able to offer website solutions on an individual basis which provide smaller to medium-sized businesses with the opportunity to promote themselves via a corporate visual entity. That means the services that we provide are more personal and tailored to your specific project needs.

#1 Discovery Meeting

Upon our intial contact, we communicate specifically about your project, how we can help and most importantly, the cost.

#2 Keyword Research

We will look at your specific content requirement and ensure that we are providing the right keywords to give you maximum visibility.

#3 Prototype Draft

We will submit an online draft to give you a feel of what the site will look like, giving you the opportunity to make any changes.

#4 Content Drafting

You will then submit the content (text and images) for the site where it will be added to the appropriate pages.

#5 Coding Final Prototype

The final prototype will then be coded and sent over on our secure server for your approval.

#6 Final Build

Once we have gone through the design with a fine tooth comb and you like what you see, the final site will be built and submitted.

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on the size of the project and how quickly you want it up, it can be done pretty quickly. Around two to three weeks is typical from initial invoice payment (please see terms of business) to final draft submission but there are dependancies that will creep in. If it's an urgent project, we have the power to put it through.