Volunteer Investment Programme

The recently launched Volunteer Investment Programme is an initiative for individuals, groups and investors to volunteer and donate to organisations supporting the world’s most vulnerable children and the communities they live in.

The website that VIP have had built required a considerable amount of work to enable it to appear within basic search engine results. Whilst still at the consultation stage, the content has been re-written and the home page is being redesigned to accomodate the SEO strategy that we have implemented, specifically for them.

Whilst every project is different, SEO for a website carries the same basic principles and rules. The website had been built without an SEO strategy and we were bought in to advise and implement the SEO requirements for the organisation to thrive in the most popular search engine results.

This project is on-going and the content has been re-written to implement the SEO strategy we have put in place. It contains relevant keywords, backlinks, appropriate header tags and optimised text throughout the index page, including the image file names. This all supports a website in getting to the hallowed spot on the major search engines with simple search criteria.

You can view the site here (opens in new window).